The OBS Group fosters independent operations within a collaborative framework, driving innovation and shaping the future of work. 

The OBS Success Method 

Celebrating Individuality within Unity 

At OBS Group, we value the individuality of each company without neglecting the strength of the whole. Each company within our group operates as an independent entity with its own vision and market strategy. Although they target different customer segments, they are united by a common mission and shared principles. This unique structure allows us to serve different markets while maintaining a consistent image.

Enhancing Efficiency

through Overarching Support

We provide overarching services that benefit all OBS Group companies. In this way, we ensure that the most efficient processes are implemented, enabling the fastest possible scalability for each company. This approach allows us not only to maintain a high level of efficiency, but also to foster growth within the Group.

Our Dual-Faceted Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is two-pronged. On the one hand, we are pursuing organic growth through the creation of industry-specific start-ups. On the other hand, we focus on strategic acquisitions of established enterprise software vendors that currently rely on outdated technologies. Once acquired, we modernize these brands using our advanced technology platform, Odoo.
OBS Support


We support each of our Houses through shared service functions.

OBS Start-Ups


Leveraging our experience and expertise, we selectively build new startups.  

OBS Investments


We acquire existing software companies and develop the next generation of software based on Odoo.  

Our Mission

"Shaping the Future of Work"

In the midst of a business revolution powered by digital advances and societal changes, OBS Group is at the forefront. We're not just adapting - we're envisioning the future, fostering flexibility and work-life balance through innovation. As we stand at the intersection of technology and society, we are dedicated to creating an inspiring environment that empowers our team and drives growth.

Tobias Hammeke • CEO & Founder of OBS

Our Principles 

Drive Success & Deliver Excellence

Cultivate an Entrepreneurial Spirit

Be Committed to Positive Impact

Simplicity & Modern Working Principles


Joining OBS means becoming a part of a dynamic and innovative company that values collaboration, fosters personal growth and prioritizes a healthy work-life balance. 

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